Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Warrior, Warrior
I know what your thinking,
Your on a boat that's fast and sinking
"MAYDAY!" you call into the howling winds,
But no one is there to here your cries,
except the enemy spies,
Death is fast approaching,
He did not come by bike or train,
But he came all the same,
He didn't come with heed or sign,
You don't know how you knew,
That he came just for you,
You stare at the blood, and it's sickly hue,
while your life flashed before your eyes,
But you will soon realize,
That all was said and done,
As you say good bye to the setting sun.

By: Amelia Lovel

P.S. This is about a warrior in the Trojan war when his ship is attacked.

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