Monday, March 9, 2009

All The Things I'm Good At-
1 drawing not precision drawing. cool drawing, (check out the draws below!!!) :}
2 Cheering up Ivy
3 I make Rock-o-polis Buddies!!!
4 I always look like a rainbow!!! /)_(\ hehehe
5 loosing things. i don't just loose them, they run away screaming.
6 winking very obnoxiously to the person of whom my friend has a crush. i am a bad liar. might as well make a joke out of it.!!!
7 COOKING!!! i made this Thai peanut suace chicken on Sunday xDD
8 listening and picking out music!!!

well, thats the main things. Make your own list and find out how wonderful you REALLY are. (it's enough to turn you un- emo)

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