Sunday, February 15, 2009


  1. i am constantly drumming rythms on my thigh and it is so annoying but i cant stop
  2. drink black coffee in the mornings. mainly because i am so tired and bleary eyed i dont even bother with the sugar and milk. urgh.... :X
  3. get really aggresive...
  4. eye dancing. i can be in the gracery store in line and all of a sudden i see a perfectly normal lady looking at me and i realize wat i was doing. uh oh. i guess its the stright jacket for me.
  5. burp loudly
  6. dress. the world needs a rainbow and i am ready to provide. im fully equipped for the job.
  7. when i get really tired or bored i twirl my hair around my finger.
  8. sumtimes i fall asleep at my computer.... o.o

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