Wednesday, February 18, 2009


it is odd. but i never tell my friends how i really feel. so let's do that NOW-
1) i am actually very very very very very very very self conscious about my brace
2) the one thing i want in true love is someone who suprises and comes up with something to do everyday.
3) my favorite candy is lemonheads
4) i think harry potter is better than twilight.
5) i kinda like that seventh grader with the red hair who plays the guitar, but he can loose the prep hat from high school musical xDD
6) i bully myself more than other people
7) i mother hacking hate emo people. i think they should all go spend a month in africa living as an orphaned child living in poverty. then see if their probably great lives are that bad
8) i hate it when ivy and jaylon tell me i need a boyfrend. just BACK OFF


  1. =/ i sound like the worst friend on here. then camille's just your best friend. I hope im not this mean to you :\

  2. ok

    I.Thats exactly why i lioke never say anything about it...
    II.Awwwww Im ur true luvvvv
    III.Mine is "Dots" but i totally LOVE lemonHeads too
    i (probably) would if id even read ONE of Harry's books
    IIV(?).Oh u mean Ellis! OMG U and Jade both like the 2 7th graders who're like bros to i guess he looks pretty good....exepct thats like saying my bro's fine
    Ami! Feel Better
    U Have No Reason 2...:'(
    VVV(:P).Same here(about the mom thing)
    But I kinda like emos...its like talking to a pitch black dark alley-way....:D
    8(givin up).I like u better w/out a dude arm candy..
    Theres more ami for mia!!!!


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